Cork tiles are available in a wide variety of sizes in rectangle and square geometries. We also offer 30 + colors to choose from. The design choices are limitless. You can choose from one of our designs or use your own. Some past examples of objects used are logos, vector artwork, geometric shapes, photos, maps, icons, you name it we can do it.

Shipping Information: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery from date of order. Shipping costs are included in the pricing for orders over 100 sq.ft to continental USA. Tracking numbers are available upon request. All cork is shipped by UPS.

modern_cork002013.jpg modern_cork002012.jpg modern_cork002011.jpg
modern_cork002010.jpg modern_cork002009.jpg modern_cork002008.jpg modern_cork002007.jpg map103-0 map103-1 modern_cork002006.jpg map102-0 map102-1 modern_cork002005.jpg map101-0 map101-1 modern_cork002004.jpg map100-0 map100-1 modern_cork002003.jpg